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SHDW-308D Elite

Shadow Ops Weaponry Elite DPMS compatible
Manufacturer: Shadow Ops Weaponry
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Shadow Ops Weaponry Elite DPMS compatible billet lower.

Below is an example of a customer built rifle on the SO308D, by Brian M*****

7.62x51 - .308 WIN caliber

DPMS Compatible

Fits DPMS style uppers: Like Fulton Armory, SI Defense, JD Machine, Nemo Arms, CMMG

7075-T6 Aluminum the stongest aluminum alloy, it makes for a more ridgid lower and key to accurate shooting.

Type-3 Hard Anodized Coating Black

Our lower has a very unique grip bump and slots that allows for a better grip on the combat rifle when you are holding it by the magwell which allows for better control of the weapon during CQB.

Lower/Upper tightening screw to eliminate rattle and shifting between the upper & lower.

Our lower accepts Magpul, SR-25 and DPMS LR-308 magazines. It does NOT fit the X-25 drum magazine.

Custom Laser Engraving for FREE of your choice, your military logo, family crest, shooting team logo or anything that you want.

This lower is "CALIFORNIA LEGAL" because we are not on the California banned manufacturer list. It has nothing to do with our product, just stupid legislation.

Picture of SHDW-308D Elite Lower Receiver
SHDW-308D Elite Lower Receiver

SO-308D Elite Lower Receiver

Availability: 2 in stock

Picture of SHDW-308D Elite Lower Receiver - CERAKOTE
SHDW-308D Elite Lower Receiver - CERAKOTE

This is for the CERAKOTE option.

Select your color
Availability: 2 in stock

Picture of SO308D Raw
SO308D Raw

This is our SO308D lower uncoated, in raw aluminum. This is great if you're planning to do you own custom coating on the lower and your other parts all at the same time

Availability: 1 in stock

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Mag fitment
Ok to help people with the mag fit that i messed with. The Magpul mags work, the best fit are the Gen 2 mags as the ribs are flat. The Gen 3 mags do fit too but what happen was magpul made the rib raised and the interfere with the forward and back positions of the mag well. take a dremil and sand off the front contact and back contact point just ever so slightly till the mag locks. Your bullet position will not be effected

From: | Created on: 10/14/2014 11:46 AM

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well made, but.....
can't get a Magpul 25 rd mag to fit due to the mag well skirt. I can get a 20 rd Magpul  to go in if I smack it hard against the coffee table. Regular steel 19 rd DPMS mags go in and out no probs, as they should. I wanted to use this lower for my operator build, but since it only works consistently with the DPMS steel mags, it will go on my DSR instead. I'll have to use DPMS lowers that will run the XS drum and Magpul 25s for my other build. One xtra feature I really like is the slop screw. It is a nice piece of machine work, everything fits tight, but it would need the mag well reworked to be a 5 star lower for me. A solid 4 stars.

From: | Created on: 10/6/2014 1:02 AM

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Superb Lower from a Class Act Company
That Rifle above, that is mine, it is awesome, and I could not have built it without Shadow Ops.

I did quite a bit of research before deciding on a Shadow Ops lower. The styling and value is what attracted me. Dealing with Paul and company is what sold me. My lower came in perfect. They are awesome.

The photo shows my Shadow Ops lower with a SI Defense upper and I used to have JD Machine upper on it. Both fit and functioned perfectly, the JD Machine  upper just did not allow me to use the Redi-Mag Bolt Closing Lever.

When I decided to buy a billet AR-15 lower recently I again shopped around but ultimately came back to Shadow Ops. I am confident that it will come in perfect.

From: | Created on: 12/6/2013 8:58 AM

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What are we really paying for when we purchase a lower?  Name, machining, finish?  What else would it be?  I received my first product from Shadow Ops recently,  a SO308D Lower with custom engraving.  It is the highest quality AR-anything I've ever seen. Yes, big statement.  It truly impresses me, and I want to encourage anyone and everyone to purchase their product above all other matter what the name.  These guys have been up front about availabity and times, and up front about the level of quality and their mission as a growing company to provide the highest quality product for an affordable price.  If you decide to purchase from Shadow Ops, you will be receiving the highest standard possible...period!

From: | Created on: 4/28/2013 9:53 AM

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SO-308D Elite Lower Receiver - Top Notch!
This receiver is nicely detailed and expertly  made.  The fit and finish are awesome and my LPK that I got from DPMS fit beautifully.  

The service was great and the guys are great to work with.  I've got more on order and will review as they arrive.

Highly recommended!!

From: | Created on: 3/11/2013 9:37 PM

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