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M4 AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver SHDW-15 PROGRAM

Manufacturer: Shadow Ops Weaponry
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In January, we started the SHDW-15 program because lowers were selling for $600 each and we were under the Federal Threat of an assault weapons ban.  This is why we orginally created the SHDW-15 program, to offer people lowers at a fair price of $150.  So far the prices have come down, so we decided to give a free billet upgrade worth $200 and a deal coin that is worth up to $150 on certain products. 


So far the Federal ban has not gone into place, but New York, Maryland and Connecticut have fallen.


  • Aluminum: 7075-T6
  • MIL-A-8625 TYPE III Hardcoat Black Anodizing
  • 100% MIL-SPEC
  • Caliber:  MULTI-CAL
  • You get "BOTH" sides custom laser engraved
  • FREE Billet Lower UPGRADE & will have matching upper available for purchase.
  • You will also receive a "Deal Coin" with your lower good for a surprise deal when you receive your lower.


THESE LOWERS ARE "CALIFORNIA LEGAL", but only because we are not on the banned manufacturer list. Our lowers are just as "EVIL" as everyone elses.

Official Model Name is: SHDW-15


So here are our rules:

1) Your card will immediately be charged for the order to become part of the program. If you want your money back and want to back out at anytime, you will be allowed a FULL 100% REFUND without any penalty. If you back out though, you can't come back in and you don't get the "Deal Coin".

2) First ordered, first received. If you ordered first you receive your order first. You need to have your artwork and your FFL in order for this to happen.

3) Custom Graphics:  We need graphics in vector format for a smooth laser engraving. The illustrations must be presented in EPS or Adobe Illustrator. They must be black with transparent background. You may use 2 different logos for FREE on SHDW- 15 and however we cannot use copyrighted logos or material without permission from the trademark owner. If you need a free way for editing graphics, Adobe Creative Suite offers a 30-day free trial so you can have the professional versions of Photoshop and Illustrator for free.

If you are having difficulty with the programs, please let us know and we will make it easy on you and help you get what you want on the lower, if you choose this route it does slow up the process.  Just remember that whatever is black on the logo, will be white on the lower engraving and that it should be 1.4 inches square in size.

5) Please fax your FFL to 703-564-5633 and you MUST have your order # written on the FFL so we can match it up to your order. If not, it will get lost in the mix.

6) YOU NEED TO HAVE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING PATIENCE WITH US. We will be absolutely overwhelmed with work.

*Your shipping address does not matter when checking out if you are buying a firearm or stripped lower. We can ONLY send to the FFL, we do that paperwork when your lower is finished. We will call you before your lower or firearm is ready to ship. Just tell us where you want it to go and we take care of it from there and make it easy for you!!

If you are a Colorado resident, we will do the transfer for FREE at our shop, but we are still forced by the State of Colorado to pay for the CBI fee of $10.

For each lower received you get a "Deal Coin"; this is why you can get from $30-150 worth of value out of a deal coin:

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