Tactical Fence / Wire / Padlock Shank Cutter for the AR-15 platform. It is a part of the Shadow Ops Weaponry family of original products.
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1/2/28 RH Threading for ready fit on your AR-15/ SCAR-16 / Tavor weapon systems.

Our unique flash hider will not only reduce flash, but give you a lot of options as to what you can do with it. It is precise machined from 4140 Steel and hardened in order to go through objects on plunging.

  • This unit makes 14.5 inch mil-spec barrel when pinned or welded into a compliant 16 inch barrel.
  • Cuts through barbed wire & padlock shackles with AP ammo (Law Enforcement & Military Units ONLY).
  • Can be used excellent "Attitude Adjuster" when in the field to move subjects along.
  • Can be used as a bayonet replacement where banned.
  • Drastically improves the visual look to your "Assault Rifle"
  • WE CANNOT EXPORT THIS ITEM and we can only ship within the UNITED STATES.

This Fence Cutter/Throat Ripper/ Bayonet unit is used on the end of your AR-15 improve the appearance of your AR-15 and its edges can be knife sharpened to draw blood or rip throat arteries of your enemies when needed. You can also use it to center your shots for cutting through wire fence & padlocks (THIS IS ONLY FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT & MILITARY USE ONLY IN THAT SCENARIO) . It is also only for people familiar with cutting through metal with these types of units and you must use AP (ARMOR PIERCING - Black Tip) or (STEEL CORE) SS109 ammo, not standard ball ammo.

Designed & Master Machined by Aaron Cayce

By buying this product you accept full responsibility and release ALL LIABILITY from Shadow Ops Weaponry, LLC.


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